14 Settembre 2022

Relation, nuovo progetto contro l’antisemitismo in collaborazione con la Fondazione CDEC




“Relation” is a project funded by the European Union (Citizen, Equality, Rights and Values Programme -CERV)  that aims at defining an innovative strategy against Modern Antisemitism, starting from a better knowledge of the Jewish history and traditions as part of the common European history/traditions. This is a two years project that puts in place a set of educational activities in Italy, Spain, Romania and Belgium as well as online actions in order to tackle this phenomenon.

Modern Antisemitism appears in different forms and it is not always easy to unmask. The number of antisemitic incidents in EU Member States has risen significantly, also in the countries involved in the project where there is evidence of high level of prejudice and misinformation about Jews, forms of antisemitism and intolerance, increasingly exploited by hate speeches online, particularly exacerbated since the 1st COVID lockdown.