17 Aprile 2023

Il Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry dell’università di Yel-Aviv, in collaborazione con l’ Anti-Defamation League (ADL) diffonde il nuovo Antisemitism Wordlwide Report

Antisemitism Worldwide Report for 2022

The Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), presents its annual Antisemitism Worldwide Report for 2022 on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023.

According to the Report, visibly identifiable Jews, particularly Haredi Jews, are the primary victims of antisemitic assaults in the West. The comparative study, which examines dozens of assaults reported in New York, London, and several other cities, suggests physical attacks on Jews, which are usually not premeditated, tend to occur in a small number of areas in major urban centers, usually on the street or on public transportation.

According to the Report, 2022 saw a rise in the number of antisemitic incidents in the United States, Australia, Italy, and Belgium, alongside a decline in several countries, such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Addressing the findings, Prof. Uriya Shavit, the Head of the Center, stated: “Our research indicates that effective policing, indictments, and educational campaigns in a small number of urban areas in various Western countries can lead to a significant reduction in the number of violent antisemitic attacks. The fight against antisemitism must include more practical, measurable, and transparent objectives and fewer declarations and cries of ‘Gevald!’.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL, observed: “Unlike in 2021, there were no specific events which can be linked to a rise in antisemitism, which speaks to the deeply-seated nature of Jew Hatred around the world. We are proud to partner with Tel Aviv University on this important annual report which will be used to educate governments and civil society and help push back against antisemitic trends.”

Dr. Carl Yonker, Senior Researcher at the Center, who led the research on the nature of the antisemitic attacks, notes: “It was very disturbing to discover during fieldwork in London that some Haredim regard antisemitism as the inescapable fate of Jews in the diaspora, sometimes even blaming members of their own communities for the situation.”

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Antisemitism Worldwide Report for 2022