Manuale contro l’antisemitismo per studenti dai 5 ai 13 anni


We are pleased to make available a teachers’ guide for Years 5-13.

It is currently in two versions: Love Thy Neighbour, a Church of England version, and Love Your Neighbour, a Catholic version. Either version is suitable for all schools, and we are producing a non-denominational version and versions for other faiths too. Both versions are designed for use with the accompanying student-friendly PowerPoint presentation.

These guides provide information for teachers on topics such as prejudice, stereotyping, bullying and the importance of being an upstander and not a bystander. They can complement so many bases, including SMSC, PSHE, RE, History, Geography, British Values, Mindfulness and Self-reflection/evaluation.

These guides were prepared by a former teacher who refined this material whilst speaking to 25,000 children in over 100 schools. She has adapted these teaching guides from her notes, including the shaded discussion topics, which teachers have described as a “real winner”.

The guides deal with antisemitism and include a useful introduction to the Holocaust, but they go much further, addressing prejudice and hatred at large. We hope you will find them a help when planning lessons and assemblies.The guides will be updated from time to time, to keep them topical and to keep the material fresh. Please fill out your contact details below so that we can let you know when the guides are updated.