9 Ottobre 2022

Relazione annuale sulle attività connesse al progetto UE “Strategy on Combating anti-Semitism and Fostering Jewish Life”

The UE Strategy on Combating anti-Semitism and Fostering Jewish Life – One Year in Action

The first-ever EU Strategy on combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life (2021- 2030) was adopted by the European Commission on 5 October 2021. With this Strategy, the Commission is determined to significantly step up the fight against antisemitism to ensure a future for Jews in Europe. Actions of the Strategy include: curbing antisemitism online, providing funding for the protection of public spaces and places of worship, creating a European research hub on antisemitism and Jewish life, creating a network of sites “Where the Holocaust Happened” and setting up a network of Young European Ambassadors for Holocaust remembrance.