7 Luglio 2014

Quotidiano vicino ad Hamas accusa gli ebrei di praticare omicidi rituali


The Jerusalem Post - MEMRI


Ariel Ben Solomon

Al-Risala, quotidiano arabo-palestinese allineato con Hamas, ha pubblicato un editoriale di Wissam Afifah che spiega la morte dell’adolescente Mohammed Abu Khdeir come aspetto di un omicidio rituale ebraico.

Afifah sostiene che l’omicidio sia parte di una tradizione ebraica fatta di perfidia e di delitti, dove, sostiene l’autore, gli ebrei usano sangue umano non ebraico per i loro rituali e riti.

‘Murder of Arab teen reminiscent of Jewish custom of baking matzas with blood’

MEMRI report quotes editor of Hamas newspaper explaining that the Jews have adopted the ideology of the Nazis.

The editor of a Hamas affiliated newspaper Al-Risala wrote an anti-Semitic article on Thursday that claimed the death of a Palestinian teen, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, whose body was found in Jerusalem is connected to the claim that Jews use blood to bake their matzas during the Passover holiday.

According to a Special Dispatch by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute), exclusively provided to The Jerusalem Post, the editor of Al-Risala, Wisam Afifa wrote:

“The settlers used the body of 17-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir, from Shuafat in northern Jerusalem, to carry out their sacred [act of] vengeance by torturing him and burning him to death, in a crime reminiscent of their holy matzas that became part of their history of betrayal and murder – for the culture of violence and blood grew among the Jews to such an extent that it seeped into their sacred rites and prayers.”

The perpetrators of the murder of the Palestinian boy are still unknown, though some are speculating that it is possibly an act of revenge for the murder of three Israeli teens.

Afifa is repeating the centuries-old false anti-Semitic blood libel that Jews murdered Christian children in order to use their blood for the Passover and other rituals.

In addition, Jewish law prohibits Jews from eating blood.

Afifa went on to explain: “By holy matzas,’ I mean those matzas mixed with human blood, the blood of gentiles, namely of the non-Jewish other, [which they baked] to celebrate the Jewish holiday called Passover.”

“According to historical accounts, they used to murder Christians, preferably children under ten, collect their blood, and then hand it over to a rabbi, so he would mix it into the holiday matzas, and then serve them to the believers, to devour on their holiday,” said Afifa.

The Jews have adopted the ideology of the Nazis by distinguishing between the superior Jewish race and others, he said.

“These ancient rites are echoed in modern ones, whereby [the Jews] sanctify the blood of [their fellow] Jews, who are considered humans of the first level, and disregard the blood of Palestinians,” continued the editor of the Gaza-based newspaper.

“That is how they baked their sacred bread in the past, and that is how they hold their sacred rites of vengeance in the present, whose victim [this time] was the boy Abu Khdeir.”