23 Marzo 2018

La televisione giordana trasmette un servizio che accusa l’ «entità sionista» di avere infettato l’Egitto con la peste bubbonica nel 1967

Jordanian TV host claims Israel sent Bubonic plague-infected rats to Egypt

Bakr Al-Abadi also says Jewish state created Ebola, poisons Egyptian crops in effort to ‘annihilate the Arab world’

A Jordanian TV host has claimed Israel sent Bubonic plague-carrying rats to Egypt in 1967 to destroy the country’s crops and also created the deadly Ebola virus.

“The Zionist entity gathered all the rats carrying the Bubonic plague in Norway and released them in all the Egyptian provinces near Sinai. According to several Egyptian sources, this operation took place in 1967 and these rats still exist in very large numbers,” Bakr Al-Abadi said in a segment aired on March 13, according to a translation from the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Israel fought against Egypt in the 1967 Six Day War, during which it captured the Sinai Peninsula. It later returned the peninsula to Egypt after signing a peace agreement in the late 1970s.

“These rats breed very quickly and cause significant harm to crops,” al-Abadi continued. “They devour these crops very quickly and destroy grain silos,” he said, adding that the alleged rats also attack children.

Al-Abadi’s remarks echo the libels of the Middle Ages when Jews were massacred at a number of locations in Europe on the false grounds they spread the Bubonic plague, which is also known as the “Black Death.”

Despite the peace treaty between the countries, al-Abadi claimed that Israel has continued to try and decimate Egyptian agriculture as part of a plan to “annihilate the Arab world.”

“The Zionist entity, since the beginning of the normalization of its ties with Cairo, managed to smuggle chemical fertilizers and rotten seeds into Egypt, leading to the destruction of vast areas of soil and crops in Egypt,” he said.

“This is a well-planned strategic operation with both short-term and long-term implications, but the clear goal is to annihilate the Arab world,” al-Abadi added.

The TV host also claimed Israel develops “biological weapons” such as the fatal Ebola virus.

“Why does the Zionist entity strive to invent new types of WMDs, focusing on biological weapons” he said. “They spread diseases like bacteria or the Bubonic plague…and the lethal disease called the Ebola virus.”

“Sadly, the Zionist entity has harnessed scientific and technological development in the service of its evils and to satisfy its criminal urges,” al-Abadi concluded.

It’s not the first time Jordanian TV presenters have spewed anti-Semitic and anti-Israel conspiracy theories. Last year a TV host examined “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” treating the notorious anti-Semitic document as an authentic Jewish text proving Judaism’s efforts to secretly control and manipulate the rest of the world.

The “Protocols,” a forged text produced in Russia at the turn of the last century, purports to outline Jewish plans to take over the world. It has been used by anti-Semites throughout the 20th and 21st centuries as justification for their views.

The Arab world has often blamed Zionism and Judaism for various woes — from the Islamic State and financial crises to pornography, AIDS and even Sesame Street.