2 Gennaio 2023

Israele: Ministero della Diaspora diventerà Ministero degli Affari della Diaspora e della Lotta all’Antisemitismo


Jerusalem Post


Zvika Klein

The Diaspora Affairs Ministry will change its name to Diaspora Affairs and Combat Antisemitism Ministry, incoming Minister Amichai Chikli said on Monday during his incoming ceremony at the ministry.

“We managed to unite various departments dealing with antisemitism and the fight against the delegitimization of Israel under one roof,” he said. Chikli also called out to organizations and individuals who have initiatives to fight delegitimization of Israel “to continue,” and that he and the ministry will “do everything we can to help.”

Chikli added that he is “aware of the concerns in the Jewish communities in the world,” regarding the new government and that “I believe that reality will prove that most of the concerns will be false.”

“It is our duty to act so that every Jewish community is interested in Jewish education,” he continued. Chikli added that during his visits to the US he saw “how many Jewish families are unable to pay for private Jewish schools.” The minister also said that he hopes the “heads of the organizations of the civil society can be a multiplier force that increases the activity of this office.”