28 Novembre 2023

Germania, forte crescita degli episodi di antisemitismo dopo gli attacchi di Hamas

According to RIAS, 994 antisemitic incidents in Germany were documented since Hamas massacre

A new report from the Federal Association of Departments for Research and Information on Antisemitism (RIAS) documents 994 antisemitic incidents in Germany since the Hamas massacre.

The incidents include 3 cases of extreme violence, 29 attacks, 72 targeted property damages, 32 threats, 4 mass communications, and 854 cases of offensive behavior, including 177 instances of antisemitic gatherings.

Notably, antisemitic incidents in connection with the Hamas massacres and the Israel-Gaza war manifested in various forms, such as antisemitic graffiti in public spaces, antisemitic statements at universities, targeted damage to memorial sites, markings on Jewish residences, and even cases of extreme violence.

“Extreme violence” in this context refers to physical attacks or assaults that could result in loss of life or serious bodily harm, including attempts at such acts. An example of such an incident occurred on October 18 in Berlin when Molotov cocktails were thrown at a Jewish community center, which houses a synagogue, a school, and a daycare. Such incidents not only pose a threat to Jews locally but also create uncertainty within the entire Jewish community in Germany.

Calculations indicate an average of 29 antisemitic incidents per day in Germany in the first 34 days since the beginning of the war. In comparison, the average for 2022 was just under seven incidents per day. This represents a 320% increase during the reporting period compared to the annual average in 2022.