27 Febbraio 2012

South Africa antisemitism report for 2011



There was a 33% decline in recorded antisemitic incidents in SA in 2011, testifying again to a quiet year for Israel and its relationship with its neighbors. 42 incidents were logged, compared to 66 in 2010 and 102 in 2009, the lowest total since 2004. Of the antisemitic incidents recorded, 55% involved face-to-face abuse (verbal  insults, offensive gestures – 24, with three including threats), 30% hate mail (12) and the remainder comprising graffiti, social media postings or printed matter. Antisemitism levels in South Africa are very low compared with other Diaspora communities (see below) and are usually of a non-violent nature. Nevertheless, members of the Jewish community regularly report being subjected to demeaning and/or threatening behavior because of their religious and ethnic background