14 Luglio 2020

Nuova guida a cura del Simon Wiesenthal Center sulla propaganda di odio diffusa tramite la piattaforma Telegram

Telegram: a Briefing

The SWC’s new 19-page report, Telegram: A Briefing, details the growing use of this social media platform by far-right extremists to promote hate and violence against Jews, Blacks, and law enforcement.

SWC researchers, who regularly share information with Department of Justice, Homeland Security and the FBI, have found that far-right channels on Telegram glorify terrorist actors and movements, including murderers of Jews and Muslims at prayer. The report documents how this content leads to incitement and inspires lone wolf violence.

The report should serve as a wake-up call for law enforcement and policy makers alike to demand that Telegram take the necessary steps to degrade the activities of extremists of all ideologies on its channels.