31 Agosto 2023

Turchia, giornale accusa l’organizzazione Chabad-Lubavitch di essere in combutta col Mossad per sostenere la comunità LGBT a Cipro Nord

Turkey – The Milli Gazete links Chabad to Mossad, LGBT support in Northern Cyprus

Istanbul – The Turkish publication, Milli Gazete, claimed on Wednesday that the Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish organization has been operating in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and supporting the LGBT community.

The Milli Gazete report alleges, “Chabad commits many crimes. They launder money and leak information to Mossad. They decipher all military points. They buy land from near military areas, as in Geçitkale.”

The report also mentions that “Chabad also supports LGBT.”

Further insights from the original article include:

  • Milli Gazete claims that Chabad-Lubavitch is the primary force behind Zionist land acquisitions in the TRNC.
  • The region is voicing concerns over the potential transformation of Northern Cyprus into a part of the “Great Israel Project” if the ongoing land sales are not halted.
  • An unnamed TRNC official has informed Milli Gazete that through the organization, Zionists have secured approximately 25,000 acres of TRNC land through nearly 2,000 companies.
  • Rabbi Haim Azimov, identified as the head of Chabad’s TRNC structure, was reportedly dispatched to the TRNC by the US in 2006. Following significant political shifts in 2008, Chabad’s influence and activities in the region have allegedly increased.
  • The TRNC official also made significant allegations, pointing to unauthorized activities by Chabad, threats towards those opposing them, and connections to organized crime.

These claims are based on the Milli Gazete article and its unnamed TRNC source.