22 Giugno 2020

Studio del professor Zbyněk Tarant sulle relazioni tra esoterismo e antisemitismo nella società Ceca e in quelle europee




Zbyněk Tarant

Esotericism and Antisemitism – Why Should We Care ?

The recent years have been marked by an increased debate surrounding the so-called “fake-news”. Surveys show growth in conspiracist patterns of thought in the general society both inside the Czech Republic, which is the home country of this paper’s author, but similar trends are also reported from the United Kingdom and other places. The Czech Jewish community named “conspiracy theories” as the most important source of antisemitism in its last two reports from 2015 and 2019.Yet both in the Czech Republic and abroad, the debate is often narrowed down either to the theories of political science, or issues of “propaganda” and “manipulation” without proper comprehension of the genuine quasi-religious nature of conspiracy myths.