19 Maggio 2011

SPCJ – Annual Report on anti-Semitism in France 2010



The purpose of this report is to provide a snapshot of the situation today, based on an inventory carried out in cooperation with the Interior Ministry. To complete this overview, we also offer a statistical view of the evolving nature and gravity of anti-Semitic acts, as well as special reports and articles to shed additional light on the causes and origins of this phenomenon. There were 466 anti-Semitic acts inventoried in 2010, compared with 832 in 2009. We recall that early 2009 was marked by an explosive rise in the number of acts (354 for the month of January alone) due to the “Cast Lead” operation in Gaza. For this reason, we do not speak of a decrease, but of a return to a worrisome level of nearly 500 acts per year since the start of the 2000s.