18 Giugno 2012

Report on Antisemitism in Spain – 2011


www.antisemitism.org.il - The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

The Observatory on Antisemitism in Spain publishes an annual report with the acts that occurred during the past year.


This report includes all of the antisemitic acts registered by the Observatory, classified in the following categories:


2.1 Attacks against people


2.2 Attacks against property


2.3 Media


2.4 Internet


2.5 Trivialization of the Holocaust


2.6 Diffusion of antisemitic literature


2.7 Public Institutions and organizations


This report does not include general activities of antisemitic organizations, nor specific information about websites and forums with permanent antisemitic content. Paragraph 3. The fight against Antisemitism lists the events and initiatives, progress and setbacks that have occurred during the year