12 Maggio 2014

Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity, cinque volumi in formato pdf sull’antisemitismo globale


The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism CFCA - The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy ISGAP

Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity (2013)

The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy – ISGAP ha raccolto in cinque volumi in formato Pdf, una selezione degli interventi presentati alla conferenza “Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity” organizzata dall’ISGAP e dall’università di Yale nell’agosto 2010 su vari aspetti dell’antisemitismo contemporaneo.

ISGAP,diretto dal sociologo Charles Asher Small, studia il fenomeno antisemitico secondo un’ottica interdisciplinare.

Indice dei volumi

Volume I: Conceptual Approaches


Introduction, Charles Asher Small; “New Europe,” Holocaust Memory, and Antisemitism, David M. Seymour; Antisemitism and Anti-Capitalism in the Current Economic Crisis, Nicolas Bechter; Equations in Contemporary Anti-Zionism: A Conceptual Analysis, Shalem Coulibaly; Antisemitic Metaphors and Latent Communication, Bjoern Milbradt; Economic and Behavioral Foundations of Prejudice, Arye L. Hillman; Antisemitism and the Victimary Era, Adam Katz; The Antisemitic Imagination, Catherine Chatterley; The Communication Latency of Antisemitic Attitudes: An Experimental Study, Heiko Beyer and Ivar Krumpal; The Definition of Antisemitism, Kenneth L. Marcus; Embracing the Nation: Jewish Assimilationist and Anti-Zionist Responses to Modernity, C.R. Power and Sharon Power; Nationalism and Antisemitism in the Postnational Constellation: Thoughts on Horkheimer, Adorno, and Habermas, Karin Stoegner and Johannes Hoepoltseder; Modern Capitalist Society, Competing Nation States, Antisemitism and Hatred of the Jewish State, Robin Stoller.

Volume II: The Intellectual Environment


Introduction, Charles Asher Small; Fighting Antisemitism in the Feminist Community, Nora Gold; Campus Antisemitic Speech and the First Amendment, Alexander Tsesis; Marginalization and Its Discontents: American Jews in Multicultural and Identity Studies, Jennifer Roskies; NGOs and the New Antisemitism, Anne Herzberg; The Image of Israel and Israelis in the French, British, and Italian Press During the 1982 Lebanon War, Marianna Scherini; Durban Reviewed: The Transformation of Antisemitism in a Cosmopolitanizing Environment,  Kuebler and Falter

Volume III: Global Antisemitism: Past and Present


Introduction, Charles Asher Small; Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in the “New” South Africa: Observations and Reflections, Milton Shain; The Politics of Paranoia: How—and Why—the European Radical Right Mobilizes Antisemitism, Xenophobia, and Counter-Cosmopolitanism, Lars Rensmann; Penalizing Holocaust Denial: A View from Europe, Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias; The Judeo-Masonic Enemy in Francoist Propaganda (1936-1945), Javier Domínguez Arribas; “Artisans … for Antichrist”: Jews, Radical Catholic Traditionalists, and the Extreme Right, Mark Weitzman; Post-war Antisemitism: Germany’s Foreign Policy Toward Egypt, Ulricke Becker; Great Expectations: Antisemitism and the Politics of Free-Speech Jurisprudence, Stephen M. Feldman; A Brief History of Iberian Antisemitism, Lina Gorenstein; Antisemitism in Contemporary Poland, Marek Kucia; Anti-Jewish “Propaganda” in Brazil under Dutch Occupation, Daniela Levy; Antisemitism According to Victor Klemperer, Miriam Oelsner; Antisemitic Anti-Zionism Within the German Left—Die Linke, Sebastian Voigt; Two Thousand Years of Antisemitism: From the Canonical Laws to the Present Day, Anita Waingort Novinsky

Volume IV: Islamism and the Arab World


Introduction, Charles Asher Small; From Sayyid Qutb to Hamas: The Middle East Conflict and the Islamization of Antisemitism, Bassam Tibi; Conspiracy Theories, Antisemitism, and Jews in Turkey Today, Rifat N. Bali; Iranian Antisemitism: Continuity and Change, Meir Litvak; Muslim Demonization of Jews as “Pigs and Apes”: Theological Roots and Contemporary Implications, Neil J. Kressel; Nazi Propaganda to the Arab World During World War II and the Emergence of Islamism, Jeffrey Herf; Hitler, Hamas, and Jihadist Jew Hatred, David Patterson; Muhammad, the Jews, and Khaybar: Fantasy and Emotion in Contemporary Islamic Political and Religious Antisemitism, Paul Lawrence Rose; Antisemitism in Iran, Wahied Wahdat-Hagh; The Jihad Flotilla to Gaza: Provocative, Antisemitic, and Not Humanitarian, Jonathan Fighel

Volume V: Reflections


Introduction, Charles Asher Small; How Do We Put an End to Antisemitism? No, Really, How Do We?, Ruth R. Wisse; Arab and Islamic Antisemitism, Menahem Milson; The History and Psychological Roots of Antisemitism Among Feminists and Their Gradual Stalinization and Palestinianization, Phyllis Chesler; The Rabbi and the President: “Don’t Give Us the Holocaust at the Expense of Israel”, Walter Reich; Without Ahavath Yisrael: Thoughts on Radical Anti-Zionism at Brandeis, Doron Ben-Atar; Between Opposition and Denial: Radical Responses to Antisemitism in Contemporary Europe, Robert Fine; The Iranian President, the Canadian Professor, the Literary Journal, and the Holocaust Denial Conference That Never Was: The Strange Reality of Shiraz Dossa, Deborah E. Lipstadt; Making History: Engaging, Educating, and Empowering Faculty to Address Issues of Antisemitism in the Academy, Edward S. Beck; Struggles over the Boundaries of Legitimate Discourse: Antizionism, Bad-Faith Allegations and The Livingstone Formulation, David Hirsh; The Language of the New Antisemitism, Michael C. Kotzin; The EU, the Middle East, and Antisemitism, Leslie S. Lebl; The Unique Nature of Palestinian Antisemitism: A Foundation of Palestinian National Identity, Itamar Marcus; Some Philosophical Reflections on Antisemitism Today, Alan S. Rosenbaum; Modern Antisemitism and National Identity, Ilka Schroeder; Sisterhood Was Powerful and Global: Where Did It Go?, Thyme S. Siegel; Progress in Combating Antisemitism at the International Level, Michael Whine; The Effect of the Resurgence of Antisemitism on Holocaust Survivors, Barbara Wind